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Kaisa has always valued talents the most in the development of the company

Kaisa has always valued talents the most in the development of the company,we recruit talents with various professionals and knowledge, and provide them a congenial, motivative, and competitive working environment, training and learning opportunities throughout the whole career, high salaries and wonderful lives. Kaisa valued the knowledge sharing as well, we encourage our staffs to learn together and promote themselves, it benefits our staff as well as our company.

Result Oriented Culture

Kaisa has an result oriented culture, we measure one's effort and contribution in a rather utilitarian way. Education, gender, and work experience are not correlate to one's performance in work, but one's capability, attitude, influence, motivation is.

The Catalyst for Elites

We choose a group of superior performance, fine diathesis, and great potential employees annually to customizing train them for their better and faster development. A lot of elites have exploit their full potential and reached their career high because of this plan.

Congenial Working Environment

Kaisa is devoted to build an honest, exoteric, efficient working environmentand trusting harmonious relationship between staffs. The company management communicate with staffs on a regular basis. Various staff activities have provided diversified communication as well.

A Ladder for the Youth

Since 2003, Kaisa has been campus recruiting for over 18 years and formed a well-established system. Thousands of excellent graduates joined Kaisa in every department, and many of them have made into management and became the backbone of Kaisa.

In the first half year after employed, Kaisa school shall provide pertinent courses for graduates to transfer them from students into professionals; Graduates are able to work in 3 various positions or departments, to exploit their full potential and find their true career; Experienced tutors shall help graduates to comprehend and integrate with the company, guide them through aspects of work and life, to develop better and faster in Kaisa. 

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